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Active Aging, Simplified

Uniper TV Delivers Live Classes, Mind & Body Games, and Health Improvement


Uniper is an intuitive, interactive system enabling you to instantly connect with everything and everyone that you love.

  • Works on any TV

  • Same source/input

  • Safe and secure

  • Audio-video enabled

  • Multi-lingual

  • Easy to use

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Remote control with mic

  • No technology experience needed

  • Web and tablet connections available

FINAL Wireframes_v7_all pages_10.20.jpg
Intuitive remote was designed for and by seniors

Uniper is easy to set up, easy to access, and easy to use. It's never been simpler to stay engaged, communicate with friends and family, and connect to life.

Access Live Activities

12 hours a day in multiple languages


Stay fit at your own pace in your own home! We offer a wide range of activities for every activity and
comfort level.


Learn about new subjects, or brush up on your old favorites! Stretch your
brain with new topics and
trivia every month.

Peer groups

Connect with people who share your interests in our peer groups! Group activities let you share your passion with others.


Eating well helps keep us feeling well! Find new recipes and learn more
about the food you enjoy with
these activities.

Health & Wellness

Discover new ways to live your best, most engaged life! These activities focus on your mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Kick back and relax with us as we bring you movies, music, and more! Our events are always changing to keep things fresh and exciting!

Grow your relationships, and stay connected with the family app

Use the Uniper family app to connect with your Uniper member through their interactive TV.

  • Stay Connected With Loved Ones

  • Share Moments With Photos and Videos

  • Video Calling Directly Through Members TV

Hotline Consultant

Community Compass

Free Uniper Care Advisors are at Your Service

Our Community Compass connects you to a caring advisor who will listen to you, and help you to explore the Uniper experience - no matter where you are on your journey
 Connect with knowledgeable experts that guide your journey Talk with a real, caring human whenever you need support Get help and encouragement to navigate resources when needed

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