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Age Independently. Together

Tap into the best years of your life.

Features of the Uniper TV Experience

Video Calling

See your friends and family through the TV! No matter the distance, Uniper brings your loved ones into your living room, with video calling at the touch of your remote. Enjoy daily check-ins where you can speak face to face, over a private, secure connection that is easy to use. Privacy is paramount, so you can feel safe and secure from spam and scams when connecting with loved ones on Uniper. Never miss a birthday, or chance to grow your connections to those you love the most. Your loved ones just need to download the Uniper App, and then you can see them directly through the big screen!

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How it Works


Sign up

Get started on your Uniper Journey today and unlock a world of connection, wellness and fun… all from the comfort of home! Start HERE or call one of our Community Coaches at (888) 471-7623 to learn more!


Get Connected

The Uniper experience can be set up with your TV and an internet connection, by a professional, or with easy self installation. Prefer on-the-go access? Take Uniper with you through web or tablet access- all you need is an email address to get started!


Meet Uniper

Once connected, a Uniper Community Guide will contact you to ensure your journey is off to a great start! They’ll make sure you get a tour of all the amazing features available to you, as well as make recommendations on content you may like based on your interests. Our multilingual Guides are always available for questions



Get ready to engage your mind, body, and soul through fun, interactive content that creates shared experiences! Build meaningful relationships within the safe and friendly community of care, and connect privately with your family to strengthen ties.

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