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Connect, Learn and Thrive

Every day is a new adventure on Uniper

Health and Wellness Content

Experience Total Wellbeing With Uniper's Comprehensive and Interactive Content
  • Rich recorded health and wellness content with 2,000+ videos

  • Daily live classes offered 12 hours a day

  • Wide variety of physical brain games

  • Multilingual health and wellness content

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Uniper brings content and classes that drive well-being with evidence based programming that covers the 8 dimensions of wellness:

Physical Wellness

  • Yoga, Zumba, Tai-Chi, and more

  • Fall prevention

  • Diet and prevention

Spiritual Wellness

  • Meditation

  • Faith based programming

Emotional Wellness

  • Meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery

  • Positige thinking, science of

  • happiness

Social Wellness

  • Small interactive groups

  • Relationship building

Cognitive Health

  • Memory care

  • Memory exercises

Intellectual Wellness

  • Lifelong learning

  • How to use your smart phone

  • Travel, history, and more

Occupational Wellness

  • Painting

  • Writing

  • And more

Example of a Weekly Personalized Live Activities Schedule

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My Schedule Version 2 (1).png

Our live activities are thoughtfully crafted to stimulate interactivity and engagement among our members. Unlike pre-recorded videos, our team of skilled instructors and facilitators can visualize your movements and offer invaluable guidance, tips, and recommendations as you exercise.

The interactive group discussions foster a sense of community, enabling you to forge friendships, share ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations with other like-minded older adults. Our focus on building authentic connections with real people, in real-time, is what sets us apart.

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