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  • What is UniperTV?
    UniperTV is a solution created by older adults for older adults aging at home, designed to reduce social isolation, empower independence, and improve overall well-being. We engage individuals in an interactive community where they can connect, learn, grow and thrive, all through their TV! Uniper is already loved by thousands of older adults around the world, and studies by the US Area Agencies on Aging have shown huge benefits for them, including less loneliness, better physical, mental, and emotional health, and more. We provide personalized daily live classes (in English and Russian), a rich library of on-demand videos, the ability to connect live to family members, and other features designed just for you and your loved ones!
  • How Does UniperTV Work?
    Each Uniper customer receives a UniperTV Kit that can be connected to any TV with HDMI ports*. This kit contains a set top box, a camera that can be turned on or off for Uniper activities, and a remote control designed for use by older adults. Rather than replace your normal TV programming, UniperTV works with your existing TV to allow viewing of both your favorite regular TV channels and Uniper content. This kit is easy to install using the provided manual, or Uniper can provide a technician in some areas to install the box for you! * Wi-Fi / Internet at home is also required to use UniperTV.
  • Does UniperTV require Wi-Fi?
    Yes. Youwill need to have Wi-Fi / Internet wherever you use your UniperTV.
  • What is the difference between UniperTV and my normal channels?
    UniperTV is specially designed by older adults, for older adults. This means that all our content from our live activities to our games to our one-on-one calls and more are designed so you or your loved one have accessible, engaging, enriching content for their lives. Unlike other solutions, UniperTV works with your TV to make switching between normal programming and Uniper programming easy! You can even receive notifications from Uniper during your regular programming so you never miss an appointment or call!
  • Does UniperTV work with any TV?
    UniperTV works with TVs that have HDMI and Wi-Fi / Internet at home.
  • Can I use my UniperTV to video call my relatives for free, locally or internationally?
    Yes! As long as your family member has the Uniper App installed in their phone (free download) and you have Wi-Fi / Internet at home , you can video call family members around the world for free!
  • Is UniperTV only for English speakers?
    The Uniper is available in multiple languages, including English, Russian, and Spanish!
  • Can I use Uniper on a tablet, computer, or mobile (cell) phone?
    Your purchase of UniperTV includes Uniper On-The-Go, our anywhere, anytime app that lets you access your classes and content through any Wi-Fi connected device!
  • What types of content are available on Uniper?
    UniperTV features live activities, games, recorded content, and more! You can learn more about our features on our Features page
  • What types of games are available on Uniper?
    Uniper features games that are designed to improve your memory & recall, attention span, reasoning & logical thinking, word & language, math & analytic skills, and physical wellbeing! New games are added all the time, so be sure to check your Uniper for the latest and greatest in games!
  • Is UniperTV safe to use? Will I get spam?
    We take the security of our members very seriously, which is why you will never get ads, spam, or scams through your UniperTV.
  • Will I get pop-up ads on UniperTV?
    You will never get ads of any kind on your UniperTV.
  • Do I need to remember a password or login?
    You do not need a password or login to access your UniperTV! If you use Uniper On-The-Go, you will be given login information that you can retrieve at any time using our easy login recovery process.
  • What happens if my UniperTV is lost, stolen, or broken?
    If your UniperTV kit is stolen, lost, or broken, please contact our support team at 1-888-471-7623.
  • How do I set up Uniper On-The-Go?
    Once you purchase your UniperTV Kit, you will receive an email or SMS message with instructions on how to set up your Uniper On-The-Go! Uniper On-The-Go is designed for use on laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices with access to the internet, meaning you can take us with you wherever you go!
  • How do I connect to my Uniper Member?
    Once you have downloaded and set up the Uniper Companion App, all you have to do is tap your member’s portrait to call them! You can also tap the “Photo” section to add photos and videos that will be sent directly to your member’s UniperTV!
  • Can I install UniperTV by myself or do I need a technician?
    You can follow the instructions provided with your UniperTV to install the UniperTV kit by yourself! If you lost your self-installation directions, you can always find a copy of them here! If you need some additional assistance, you can call Uniper’s always-free helpline at 1-888-471-7623. You can also request a technician to come to your home and install the box for you (for an additional fee).
  • Can I take UniperTV with me when I travel?
    Your UniperTV kit is not made to travel, but included in your Uniper service is Uniper On-The-Go, which lets you access Uniper through almost any internet connected device!
  • Do I need to recharge my UniperTV?
    Your UniperTV kit plugs directly into any standard wall outlet or power strip, meaning you never have to recharge it!
  • Do I need to give up my existing remote control?
    You will receive a special remote control for your UniperTV kit, but you can continue to use your normal remote for your traditional programming! The UniperTV remote is designed to be easier to use for seniors and includes a mic for live activities, making it perfect for Uniper members.
  • What is the Uniper Companion App?
    The Uniper Companion App is an app that your family members and loved ones can download to call you through your UniperTV, share photos and memories with you, and more! When you add them through your UniperTV, they’ll automatically receive a link to set up the Uniper Companion App!
  • What are the Companion App’s system requirements?
    The Uniper Companion App requires android 10 or higher.
  • Where do I get the Uniper Companion App?
    You can download the Uniper Companion App from the link in the SMS message your member sent you, or here!
  • How will I know when my family member is calling? How do they know when I am calling or uploading content for them?
    When your family member is calling you, you will receive a notification (like you would for a facetime call). When you call a member or share content with them, they will receive a notification in the lower right corner of their TV!
  • Can I use the Uniper Companion App if I do not have a smartphone?
    Unfortunately the Uniper Companion App is only available for smartphones at this time.
  • Where can I buy UniperTV?
    You can buy UniperTV here
  • I live outside the US; can I still get Uniper?
    Unfortunately UniperTV is only available in the USA at this time.
  • Can I purchase UniperTV for someone else?
    Yes! Just make sure that you put in the correct contact information when filling out the form.
  • I work for a healthcare provider / social service agency; how can I bring UniperTV to my members?
    We would love to work directly with you to assist your members! For B2B services, please reach out to directly.
  • I can’t afford Uniper, what are my options?
    Some people qualify for Uniper through their local social service provider, like the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) or other groups! You can check with them to see if they are partnered with Uniper and if you qualify for a free kit. If you don’t know your local social service provider, check with your social worker, senior center, or doctor to see if they have more information. You may also call Uniper and we can tell you according to your address what AAA organization in your area is already partnering with Uniper.
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